3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Relocating a Business

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Moving to a new premise takes a lot of time and planning, it isn’t something you can do in a day. When you relocate a company, you’ve two choices – phased or all in one go. A phased move can take up to a week and an all in one is done within a day. Most businesses prefer the latter as it dramatically reduces downtime and is less of a headache. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when moving your company says https://davidboehrerlaw.com/practice-area/car-accident-attorney-henderson/

  1. Not Researching the Logistics Team

The most important thing to do when moving office or warehouse is to research the logistics team who are going to help you out with the move. If you are involved in the tech industry and you need experienced movers to help you relocate, you must get in contact with experts at rhenus-hightech.co.uk. Moving delicate high-tech items should only be done by logistics companies who have experience with these objects.

Before you hire anyone, do plenty of research online and look for a company who can provide the service you are seeking. For instance, if you want a company to deliver IT items and then provide a full technical installation, you’ll have to hire a business that is more than just a delivery service.

  • All in One Service

Many business owners and managers make the mistake of hiring a logistics company who are only there to pack, transport and deliver the goods. Most warehouses are fully automated, and all offices contain IT infrastructure – who is going to connect the dots when everything has been delivered?

Each system needs to be integrated and running when you reach your new destination. A basic commercial delivery service won’t be able to do this. You need a turnkey service that can move your business and have key systems incorporated when you arrive.

There are many disastrous situations you can face in business, don’t let logistics and the moving process be one of them. To ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible, you should carefully consider a turnkey service, especially if your company is involved in IT.

  • Selecting a Bad Time

When you’ve decided to relocate your business, there is a good and a bad time to do so. There are internal and external factors to consider before you move.

  • Budget – Managing your budget is vitally important when it comes to business. Before you move, you must assess this and find the right time to relocate. You must decide whether a loss in business continuity is worth it at that specific time.
  • Holiday Period – Moving to a new location around the holiday period is never a good idea. It is important to give at least 6 months’ notice to employees.

This article has highlighted just 3 important factors to consider when relocating the business. If your operations rely heavily on IT, you should consider working with a logistics company who specialise in turnkey services. Your equipment will be safely delivered, and they’ll integrate everything on-site as they assemble the office or warehouse.