3 Reasons Why Now is the Time to Switch to an Electric Vehicle

Before now, an electric vehicle was only for people who could afford it or for those that only wanted to travel short distances in between charges. The technology and scope of electric vehicles are rapidly advancing and it is quickly becoming a much more viable option to own an electric vehicle. 

There are many benefits to owning a vehicle and now may be the time to make the switch if you’ve already been considering it. 

Reason #1: The Availability of Electric Vehicles is Expanding 

Now that different automakers are joining the market, and more vehicles are becoming available, the ability to buy electric vehicles in other places is becoming easier. Not only does this make it easier to find an electric vehicle of your choice, but they are also becoming more affordable in the process. 

If the price was previously a sticking point for owning an electric vehicle, then that may soon be a thing of the past, if it isn’t already. 

Reason #2: The Environmental Benefits 

Much of the reason many people switch to an electric vehicle in the first place is because of the environmental benefits. For those that are Earth-conscious and trying to do everything they can to help the environment, an electric vehicle is an optimal solution. 

Not only are there built-in benefits to the environment, but there are also incentives from state and local governments to drive an electric vehicle. These include tax credits, loan programs, and other fiscal incentives aimed at getting people to make the switch to a new type of vehicle. 

There is also the benefit of emissions compliance. Many states are enacting tougher emissions standards which makes it possible that older vehicles may not be able to be driven and existing vehicles may have to be retrofitted so that they are up to the new standards. 

An electric vehicle doesn’t have any of these concerns. A fully electric vehicle does not need to worry about carbon emissions tests, making them the safer bet if you live somewhere with harsher restrictions. 

Reason #3: The Price of Electric vs. Gas Over the Long Term

Certainly, at present, battery technology in electric vehicles still has a ways to go. However, no one can deny the benefits of electric vehicles when compared to ever-rising fuel prices. Electric vehicles have the overall edge when it comes to sustainability, and once advancements are made in battery cell technology and energy storage capacity, the electric vehicle is likely to be far superior to your typical gasoline-powered engine. 

In the short term, there are still concerns over the range of the vehicle and the amount of time it takes to charge. These numbers are consistently improving with technology. A feat that gasoline-powered engines cannot accomplish. 

If you’re looking to get in on the wave of electric vehicles, now may be as good a time as any.