3 Tips To Help You Become A Better Sales Rep

Are you working a sales job and not feeling like you are using your talents to their fullest? Or perhaps you have not hit your targets in a while and are thinking of transitioning out of sales? Before you make your decision, try the three tips below to improve interactions with your potential and current customers. 

Pay Attention To The Numbers

In any sales job, you are going to have KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that will tell you whether or not you are doing a good job of converting leads. Although it may seem daunting to study these charts and graphs, they are actually your guidebook to improve your sales techniques and customer relations. If you have a low rate of repeat business, this means that one way in which you can become a better sales representative is by making an effort to retain current customers. This might mean that you should spend less time chasing up on new leads and prioritize maintaining relationships with your existing customers. 

Prioritizing Your Leads

If your marketing department is doing their job of bringing you new leads or potential customers, you will likely have to decide which leads are worth following up on and then assigning them an order of importance. Knowing your market, your current client base, and that of your competitors should assist you in effectively listing out which leads are qualified, which are not, and which merit immediate action. 

Successful salespersons know how to read a list of leads and assess how to act upon the information they’ve just been given. After a phone call or a meeting with a potential client, if you sense that they are not serious about the product or service you’re selling, move to the next one on your list. There is no harm in circling back around to them in the near future, should you wish to play the long game, but there is no need to try and convert that particular lead right away. 

Do Not Spread Yourself Too Thin 
As a salesperson, it is absolutely vital to make yourself available to your clients and to future clients. You should be there to answer their questions and make their acquisition process easy and convenient. Sometimes a sale is made because one salesperson answered the phone whereas another one did not. That being said, working a sales job means that you are likely in a high-paced environment and under a considerable amount of pressure. Take these factors into account when interacting with your clients. Carefully choose at what times you will be available to take calls or schedule meetings. This looks different for everyone. Maybe you will stop taking after-hours calls on weekends or that you will go a few hours without checking your email on certain mornings. It’s all about finding the rhythm that works for you and your schedule!