4 Reasons Your Internet is Running Slow

There’s nothing worse than a slow-running internet when you’re trying to get work done. When there’s friction in your business process, it can lead to a lack of productivity, frustrated customers, and can affect your processing speeds.  Trying to identify the problem when you’re not an IT specialist can be nothing short of infuriating. 

Luckily there are some basic tips that can help you find the reason for your slow internet and hopefully fix the problem. Take a look at some of the likely reasons why your Internet may be acting up. 

You Need to Unplug Your Modem  

Sometimes what you need is a good old-fashioned reboot. You may want to consider unplugging your modem and counting to ten. After the initial count, you should plug back in your device and give it a chance to sort itself out. Sometimes there may be processes going on inside of the modem that we’re slowing it down. Even though it may seem like a simple fix, turning it off and on again can be a simple way to boost your internet’s performance instantly. 

Move Your Router 

Not everyone may have space in their office that they would like. You may have placed your router somewhere that’s out of sight and gives you enough room for the rest of your office supplies. 

However, the reason for your internet woes may very well be because the place you put your router is giving off a poor signal. You want to make sure that there are as few walls and obstructions in between your router and your devices as possible. Otherwise, it’s no wonder why your internet is dragging along. 

Someone Has Your Password 

It may be that one of your neighbors has your Internet password and is actually using your Internet. When this happens, all of your bandwidth will get gobbled up pretty quickly. Make sure that you change your password frequently and choose something that’s not easy to guess. Above all, make sure that your employees don’t share the password with customers. Otherwise, it’s just a matter of time until your connection becomes non-secure. 

Peak Hours 

Believe it or not, the internet has peak hours. Much like rush hour, Wi-Fi can also have traffic back up. If there is a major download or upload that you need to do for your business, ideally, you should make sure that you do it when you won’t be needing your connection. Think middle of the night or very early in the morning. In order to avoid any interruptions with your workflow, you want to use the most amount of internet when no one is working.