5 Advantages Videos Have Over Plain Text on a Website

Are you taking full advantage of the power of video? If you’re still relying on plain text to convert your visitors, you’re missing out. Video marketing offers several advantages over plain text that can’t be beat.

1. Video helps capture more leads

Using video on your website can help you capture more leads. According to OptinMonster, 83% of businesses report that video helps with lead generation. Lead generation is one of the most important aspects of any website.

To get the high-quality leads you’re after, you need a self-sustaining lead capturing system that runs with little maintenance. Video can help you create this type of system. Once you publish your video next to your lead capture form, you don’t have to do much to maintain your system.

The majority of work will involve creating your video script, filming, and editing the video. The most effective videos are under three minutes and are designed to give people a good idea of what they’ll get in exchange for their email address.

For example, Green Residential manages properties for Houston landlords and uses video to explain the benefits of property management services. Placing a video next to a lead capture form can generate more leads by getting visitors curious enough to hit play. Once a visitor watches the video, they’re more likely to sign up for the list.

2. Video captures (and holds) attention better

When capturing leads, you need to grab attention fast and hold that attention until the visitor decides to sign up for your email list. Video does a better job at capturing and holding attention because video is dynamic, while text is flat. Visitors also have to use their own effort to read text on a screen, while watching a video is effortless.

People want you to do the work for them. That’s why video is more appealing than text. All you need to do is get your visitors to push play and if you’ve created an effective video, you’ll get more conversions.

Just be careful about setting your videos to play automatically when the page loads. While this might be appropriate sometimes, it’s not always a good idea. Many people find autoplay annoying and instinctually bounce the moment a video starts playing.

3. Video increases conversion rates

Video marketing is one of the primary strategies used by entrepreneurs and startups to increase conversions. Whatever your conversion targets are – email signups, YouTube subscriptions, page clicks, or downloads – using video will increase your conversions.

Video provides engagement that plain text can’t match. That engagement gets visitors involved in your content, which makes them gradually more committed to following your call-to-action. This is the same principle that governs interactive marketing like asking people to scratch off a game ticket or collect game pieces for prizes. If you can get that interaction, you’re automatically closer to a conversion.

4. You can get your point across better

People often struggle to extract an accurate message from the text they read online; italics and bold text can only go so far. Video gives you the opportunity to express your points more accurately. For example, you can show emotion and use varied voice inflection when you speak. You can also use visuals like charts, graphics, photos, and even other video clips to make your points.

No matter how simple your message is, it’s going to be received more accurately through video.

5. You can get more YouTube subscribers

If YouTube is part of your marketing strategy, then using video can get you more subscribers. For example, you can use plain text to request that visitors view your YouTube channel and subscribe to you, but they’re probably not going to take the time. Unless, of course, you give them an incentive.

On the other hand, when you embed a YouTube video on your website, people can click to view your channel, and they will subscribe if they like your content.

Use video as a supplement to great copy

Video is powerful, but it won’t replace great sales copy in every circumstance. There are times when text is more appropriate than video. Ideally, you should consult with a professional marketing company to make sure your website elements are properly placed on each page.

Video alone isn’t a magic pill. All videos should be strategically incorporated into each webpage according to the company’s specific marketing goals.