5 Useful Business Moves You Can Do With Mobile Apps

Nowadays, a business that doesn’t utilize the power of the internet and social media is missing out on many things. More and more consumers spend a considerable amount of their time doing things online. Here are the things that you can do to optimize your business operations using a mobile app

1. Offer Direct Customer Support

Emailing and calling are still viable for customer support, but these options are becoming more and more unpopular. Most businesses offer live chat support or in-app communication channel for their customers for direct support. 

This step offers two valuable things for you as a business owner: give a better customer experience to your users, and provide mobile promotions for free. 

2. Free Mobile Promotions 

As mentioned before, a mobile app can facilitate direct communication between a business and a customer. And what better way to use this advantage than to offer mobile promotions? You don’t have to pay to advertise your products to a prospective client. 

This can be done by reaching out through push notifications (most people would likely open it). Just be mindful of the frequency of your push notifications. 

3. Rewards And Customer Loyalty

One of the main reasons businesses have turned into mobile app development is creating a customized loyalty program. It helps retain their loyal customers and rewards them for continuously supporting the business. 

You can create a better user experience by adding more value to your customers’ purchases. In turn, they will likely consider your products in their subsequent purchases

4. Get Feedbacks From Real People

Complaints and feedback can be a bitter pill to swallow as a business owner. However, this information is essential if you want to know what your customers need and what your products or services lack. By rolling out occasional surveys to your apps, you can get a steady amount of feedback information to improve your operations, 

5. Build An Effective Client Database

Tailored advertisements have a bad rap on the internet due to corporations that wrongly practices them. However, gathering information from your clients’ preferences and purchase history enables you to recommend products that have more value or use for them. 

But wait, isn’t it wrong to collect data from users? Yes, collecting data from users is terrible if the user is unaware of it. Before collecting your customers’ data, make sure to ask them first and give them an option to decline.