8 Features to Consider While Picking a Video Hosting Service

Video is one of the best ways to market yourself right now. As people love watching them. It is expected that by 2022, videos will account for 82% of internet traffic. But in order to get the most out of videos, you need to pick the right hosting service. The right hosting service will help you generate more views and the best ROI out of your videos. 

Therefore, to make it easy for you to find the right video hosting service, I have made a list of the features you need to consider while picking one…

High quality hosting

Your video hosting should be able to play high-quality videos without interruptions. So, make sure you check out what quality videos you can publish on the hosting service. And before you sign up for a paid account, you should also upload a couple of your videos to see how they play. Most companies will offer a trial. 

But remember that if your audience doesn’t have access to high speed internet, they might prefer medium quality videos or quality that isn’t too high. So, keep this in mind while determining the best platform for you. 

Easy to upload

The easier and faster your videos are to upload, the more time you will save. So, make sure that your video hosting service integrates with your video editing software to make uploading easy. Some companies actually offer hosting along with the video editor, so this might suit you better. 


It’s important to consider your budget while picking your video hosting service. If you are on a tight budget it would be better to go with something that’s free or costs a few dollars per month. While if you have a bigger budget you can go with something more expensive. But remember to check out the pricing plans they offer as you upload more videos. Some might be free and cheap at the beginning, but as you add more videos and consume more storage they will charge you more. 

If you haven’t got the budget to upgrade to a bigger plan, things can get problematic as you will need to move all your videos to a new platform. 

Privacy settings

If you are creating videos to build brand impressions and generate followers, you will want everybody to view your videos. But if you want to restrict the number of people that get to view your videos because you are creating it for a specific audience such as people who bought your course, you might want to pick a service that has better privacy settings. 

Sometimes you can use a combination of two services. For the free videos, you can use a public hosting service and for the gated content, you can use a service with better privacy settings. 

Live video

Your hosting service should also make it easy for you to host live video and webinars. As live videos can generate more engagement and sales. You can always use a separate platform for this, but it will just cost you more. 

Good storage

If you plan to share more high quality videos you will use up the storage very quickly. So, make sure you pick a video hosting service that offers plenty of space. 

Easy promotion features

Your hosting service should also make it easy for you to promote your videos. This include both organic promotion such as social sharing and paid promotion such as ads (if you plan to use them). This can save you a lot of time. 


Another important feature is analytics. As you can use the data from here to create better videos in the future. 


These are all the features you need to consider while choosing your video hosting service. Make sure you keep an eye out on them.