Essential Features you Need for Your Firm’s Pharmacy Management Software

From the automated voice on the telephone, guiding patients through the refill process, to the prompt given to the pharmacist to discuss the patient’s medication with them, from inventory lists to payment options, most aspects of a smoothly running pharmacy are dependent on good pharmacy software to function smoothly.

Pharmacy management software will take care of repeat tasks, like insurance verification and refill requests. The pharmacists themselves are then able to focus on patient care, spending less of their valuable time on repetitive paperwork. 

Your pharmacy is unique and choosing software can be a challenge. Here are some features to consider when looking for the product that is right for you and your patients. 

Pharmacy Software Features: 


New Prescriptions: Notifies when a new prescription is filled for a patient. Gives counseling prompts on drug interactions and side effects, and provides instructions to improve medication compliance. 

E-Prescribing: Allows prescription information to be sent and received electronically.

Refill Management: Facilitates patients requesting refills in person, over the phone, or electronically. Can set refills to be filled automatically. Notifies patients when their refills run low, and requests refills from the prescriber when needed.

Interactive Voice Response: Enables refill requests to be submitted over the phone by the patient with automated voice prompts. 

Medication Synchronization: A scheduler to automate refills and prevent missed doses.

Medication Administration Record: Able to track all vaccinations and medications administered to each patient.

Prior Authorization Requests: Discover if an Rx is covered by the patient’s insurance company, and how much they pay, by sending the prescription info to them.

Electronic Signature Capture: Enables electronic signatures when patients receive their prescriptions. 


Inventory Management: Real-time tracking of inventory levels and ability to automate purchase orders when medication stock runs low.

Barcode Scanning: Quickly create records for new patients in the point of sale system by scanning barcodes on prescriptions.

Purchase Records and Over The Counter Purchases: Enables keeping records of controlled substance purchases and prescriptions and allows purchasing of OTC medications that don’t require a prescription. 

Payment Processing: Allows your system to accept payments, including credit or debit cards, cash, or checks. Can set up automatic payments for recurring refills. 


Document Management: Back up important documents. Scan and upload copies of patient information such as prescriptions and insurance information. Store all documents in an easy-to-find format. 

Accounts Receivable: Allows balance tracking and shows balances due and can automatically apply interest to past-due balances. 

Reporting: Create reports to see patient trends, profitability, and overall pharmacy operations.