How an Outdoor Fireplace Can Improve Your Business

If you’re looking to make your customers happier, improve reviews and perceptions of your business, and even generate more revenue, you might consider installing an outdoor fireplace. An outdoor fireplace provides heat and ambiance to almost any kind of outdoor area, and can be installed with a wide variety of visual elements to fit your décor.

But why, exactly, are outdoor fireplaces so valuable, and are they worth the cost of installation?

Types of Businesses That Can Make Use of Outdoor Fireplaces

Let’s start with some of the types of businesses that can make the best use of outdoor fireplaces.

  • Restaurants and bars. One of the most common points of installation is in a restaurant or a bar. Restaurants and bars often provide outdoor accommodations, like outdoor seating or a socialization area. An outdoor fireplace works to keep this area warm and invites people to gather.
  • Hotels and getaways. Hotels and other vacation spots can offer something similar. People want to relax, or talk with their friends outside—and a fireplace makes sure they can keep socializing, no matter the temperature outside.
  • Rentals. Outdoor fireplaces are also common investments for landlords and Airbnb entrepreneurs looking to make their rentals more attractive to tenants and guests. Access to an outdoor fireplace can be a huge selling point.

That said, almost any kind of business that relies on personal interaction or making a good impression can benefit from having an outdoor fireplace. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

Advantages of Outdoor Fireplaces

Now, let’s dig into some of the advantages of outdoor fireplaces for businesses:

  1. Atmosphere. People have always been fascinated by fire. The warm, orange glow lends itself to creating dynamic lighting in our surroundings. The soft crackle of wood (or something similar) can make people feel relaxed as well. Ultimately, these effects combine to produce a better ambiance, which can instantly make your business more attractive to visitors and customers.
  2. Seasonal resilience. An outdoor fireplace also provides you with more seasonal resilience and more flexibility in how you do business throughout the year. If your area gets especially cold in winter, you might normally have to shut entire sections of your business (like the outdoor lounge) down. But a well-placed outdoor fireplace can make people comfortable hanging out outside, even in chilly weather. In some cases, this can help you keep your door open longer. In others, it can bring in more income during slower months.
  3. Additional space. You can also take advantage of an outdoor fireplace to transform a space that might otherwise go unutilized. For example, is there a far corner of the outdoor area that almost never gets used? Do you have a balcony that rarely sees foot traffic in winter? An outdoor fireplace can help you open up these areas, and invite more people through.
  4. Uniqueness. While the prevalence of outdoor fireplaces is growing, these fixtures of warmth are still something of a rarity. If you have an outdoor fireplace while your top competitors don’t, you’ll have a point of differentiation that might sell your brand to more customers. If you’ve been struggling to make yourself stand out, this is your chance.
  5. Upcharges and revenue. Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to charge more, therefore collecting more revenue, after installing an outdoor fireplace. This is especially relevant for hotels and rentals, where the costs are largely dependent on the features of the property; an outdoor fireplace instantly increases the value and the quality of the experience.
  6. Socializing and coziness. Installing an outdoor fireplace will cause people to cluster in a new area. It will invite them to socialize with each other and make them feel cozier. In many businesses, this is advantageous; for example, in a bar with an outdoor area, this allows people to stay comfortable and keep buying drinks.
  7. Word-of-mouth potential. Outdoor fireplaces are fantastic talking points. When people exchange recommendations for places to stay or places to eat, your fireplace may be one of the first things they mention.

Ease of Installation

Outdoor fireplaces are probably less expensive than you imagine, and installing one doesn’t take much time or effort. Even if you hire a professional to do the work, you won’t be paying much extra; depending on your circumstances and selected options, the job can usually be completed within the span of a day.

You’ll also enjoy the benefit of choice; there are hundreds of varieties of outdoor fireplace to choose from, with options for the type of fuel you burn, the size and shape of the fireplace, and of course, its core materials. No matter what kind of regulations or restrictions you face, there’s probably an option available to you.