How Is Augmented Reality Influencing The Retail Industry

Augmented reality is a mindblowing technology that has created a world of change today – the retail industry is no exception to this. Savvy retailers upon noticing these advantages are wasting no time in developing applications to facilitate richer shopping experiences for their customers. 

Thanks to this growing popularity of Augmented Reality, more and more retailers today are looking forward to coming as an aid to their shoppers by implementing this technology in their business. 

For example, the retailers making the most of this technology would make you understand whether your requirements would be fulfilled by the Rolex Submariner luxury watch. 

Now take a look at how augmented reality is impacting the retail industry, then you can also do the needful and incorporate it in your strategy. 

  • Everyone can virtually try on 3D products

Many individuals get fretted about the idea of visiting a packed store and try on some items of clothing, accessories and even shoes. While online shopping goes out of its way to offer a pleasurable experience to the shoppers, it cannot enable the shoppers to try on clothes and shoes. But a few brands are proving to be exceptions; yes you can even try on sneakers through the app developed with the fundamentals of augmented reality. The leading makeup brand Sephora has even introduced an app where you can try and see for yourself how the products look on your face. 

  • Visualize the 3D products at home

Often buyers are bugged while shopping for home products thinking whether it would look decent in their home. But this limitation is not permanent and would soon be gone because efforts have been made to create apps which would allow you to see how 3D objects would look in your home. A few years back, home depot introduced their project color app via which you can now see how a particular paint color accentuates the beauty of your room. 

If you get the option of checking how cabinet of a particular brand will look in your room even before purchasing it, will you choose some other brand that doesn’t support this feature?

  • Shoppers can access virtual trial rooms

It is an ardent task to hunt for a trial room during shopping seasons, and this way, retailers lose out so many customers. Sometimes a shopper might buy it even without trying and then stand up in the returning queue and others might not even buy the product thinking it unworthy of the hassle. 

A brand named Topshop in order to create an easy shopping experience for the shoppers has installed a virtual fitting room where customers by standing in front of the camera can see how the clothing items look on themselves. 

  • Build brand awareness

Brands now are releasing limited edition products which can only be bought through the brand’s app by visiting the online store. The perfect example of this is Airwalk who by this approach has been successfully building brand awareness. 

Ultimately, it is you who will decide what is best for your customers and therefore you need to build a long-term strategy to enhance the experience of the shoppers.