How Technology is Affecting the Way We Learn (and Earn)

Technology has been rapidly advancing for a long time now. Ever since the industrial revolution, it’s been on a rapid incline, with more and more new ways of doing things popping up left and right. As you might expect, schooling isn’t exempt from this rampage of technological advances. Here are a few ways technology is affecting the way we learn in today’s society, and how that may shape the future.

Online Schooling

One of the most influential ways that technology is affecting our learning is by going online. Being able to complete anything from a small certification, to an associates, bachelors, masters, or even doctorate, is an amazing accomplishment for the schooling industry.

There aren’t a lot of more efficient ways to learn than online. Being able to make learning flexible, and on the students own time shifts a lot of responsibility to them, and makes personal responsibility a more key part of the learning experience, but allows for responsible students to take life into their own hands. 


Screens. This may sound really redundant, but it covers a lot more than just phones. By screens, we’re really talking about computers themselves. So long as they have some sort of screen attached. This allows for students to submit assignments online, after school hours, instead of needing to bring it directly to class.

So if a student forgets an assignment at home, they can still submit it through their computer when they get home. This also allows students to collaborate on assignments without a lot of premeditated planning and scheduling, and it makes sharing information within groups far easier. Needless to say, computers and screens have had a massive impact on the way we learn, and has also significantly reduced the amount of paper used by schools.

Making money online

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