How Technology is Impacting These 4 Major Industries

Technology is changing business as we know it all of the time. There was once a time where physical meetings were required but there are now more virtual meetings than ever before. The pandemic has impacted the usage of virtual meetings whether it is a doctor providing telehealth services or a trainer doing a spin class via Zoom. Technology is going to continue to improve testing and the impacts that medication has on a patient. Below are ways that technology is impacting these 4 major industries.


Digital marketing is now the lifeblood of a majority of businesses throughout the world. The common person goes online when they are wondering if a service or product exists online or in their local area. Social media is incredibly useful in the marketing world in a way that no other platform has been. The free nature of this has allowed people and companies to become thought leaders on specific topics. Unknown people gain fame quite quickly which can impact hiring in marketing as people that understand how to garner a following can be worth their weight in gold.

Fitness Industry

The use of home fitness equipment has increased due to the closure of gyms during COVID-19. Technology like that of the Peloton allows a person to get a great workout while being motivated by a trainer. Being able to set goals and achieve them through hard work using technology can provide great results. Tracking true progress can be motivation enough whether you are hitting personal bests in lifting weights or running long distances. Being able to get workouts from a trainer across the world or have them watch your workout is possible. The world’s best can continue to workout with a trainer that might have relocated that took them to new heights athletically or from a fitness perspective.


The home security industry has developed in immense ways with detection systems and real-time alerts. There are so many ways to protect the home including the Ring Doorbell which allows you to see who is approaching your home. You can even talk to the person whether they are delivering something or are there for more nefarious reasons. Being able to make sure your home is safe there are so many types of hidden cameras that look like everyday items like that of a phone charger.


There are so many small businesses that might have hired an accounting firm or in-house accountant that are simply using accounting software. It is easier today than ever before to expense things and file these digitally. The days of keeping business receipts in a giant shoebox are gone. There are apps that will file these for you and will take a picture of a receipt just in case the physical copy is lost. There is still a huge need for accountants depending on the business but small companies can utilize software along with a few hours help from a CPA.

Technology is going to continue to change industries and make jobs easier. The only drawback is that it can make jobs obsolete over time. Take a look at your career to consider whether technology could leave you jobless in the future.