How to Find High Quality Employees

The key to finding high-quality employees lies in having strong links to temporary staffing agencies, the type of agency you call at 0800 and will have the employee in your office and on your Reception Desk by 0930. When you run a high-profile business it has to be seamless and often your success lies not so much with your hard work but in the caliber and commitment of your staff.

Temp Agencies

What is required is not just a good agency, but one that is a good fit for you and if you run an office you will be looking for, Administrative Assistants, Receptionists, Bookkeepers, and other office specialties. If one of your staff has an unexpected illness or is on maternity leave for 6 months, this is a good opportunity to try some temporary staff.

Temporary Staffing Agencies

Using temporary staff is actually a ‘win-win’ situation, as you try staff that you would not normally use, and by doing so you get to know who you would use again and who you wouldn’t use. When the temporary staff member tires of working for the temp. agencies, they may want to come and work for you, and if you already know them and have employed them as a temporary worker, you will know whether you want to take them or not.

This is the best of both worlds as you get to find high-quality employees without actually employing them first. If you are using an agency, it is probably better to use more than one temporary staffing agency, especially if you are running a large office.

Specialist Temporary Agencies

In specialist areas of work like health, there is always a need for a steady stream of qualified workers, and positions are often filled by travelers or Backpackers taking a working holiday from another English-speaking Country. In Australia, we have a steady stream of these workers escaping the Northern Hemisphere Winter, and they are usually well qualified and get as much temporary work as they want to do. People in health, burn out very quickly due to the workload, and it is vital to have links with several good staffing agencies, especially nursing staff. Every year the recruiters get a well-paid holiday in Ireland and the UK or North America, visiting large Hospitals and Agencies to forge links with Temporary travelers before they even leave home.

Temp Agencies Law

Temporary Legal work is another specialist area, where workers are in high demand, as many firms now employ on a temporary contract basis, as this saves money over the Summer closure when some of the courts are often closed for 8- 10 weeks. The agency is able to connect the employer with paralegals. legal secretaries, lawyers, and other skilled legal support.


Temporary Staffing Agencies are an essential service for just about all areas of work. As an Employer, the agencies are an important link to your workplace, at certain times of the year you will be on the phone with them regularly replacing sick staff for a week or two.