How to Recruit the Best Tech Talent

Recruiting the best tech talent takes honesty and sincerity, not bells and whistles. And yet many HR departments continue to believe that they have to do something out of the ordinary in order to attract and keep competent tech talent. Although it’s true that HR departments should be worrying about keeping their tech job slots filled, since in the not too distant future it’s predicted that there will be hundreds of technology positions open for every qualified candidate — it’s not a case of do or die. It takes a little common sense, and the courage to face down the following bugaboos that have haunted HR rooms for too long:

Just show ‘em the money

Flash enough of the green stuff in front of a prospective employee’s face and they’ll sign on the dotted line quick as greased lightning. Or will they? Surprisingly, most candidates for a tech position are looking at the big picture — what are the opportunities for growth and advancement — and not at the greenbacks. Besides, is it really wise to hire someone who’s in it just for the money?

Top talent needs spoiling

The top tech talent won’t take the bait unless there are oodles of perks attached to the position. Of course the basic benefits package should be generous and appealing, but dangling a personal masseuse and an unlimited supply of Godiva chocolates in front of prospects sends a message of desperation, not confidence.

The best tech talent winds up at Facebook or Google, so why even try for them?

Surprise, surprise! More and more techies are opting for smaller, niche, jobs, where they can be the big fish in a small pond. Besides, with congressional hearings and other fallout, Facebook and Google no longer have such invincible reputations anymore!