How To Revamp Your Website And Digital Marketing Strategy

The pandemic has led a number of businesses to pivot their strategies to keep up with social lockdown restrictions/closures. There were restaurants offering delivery and even lawyers offering online consultations for the first time. Revamping the company website is going to be very important as it is the first impression that most customers will get of a business. Using this time to hone a digital marketing strategy can help keep the doors open at some businesses. The following are tips to revamp your website and digital marketing strategy. 

Design The Website With SEO In Mind 

The right web design companies are going to design your website with search engines in mind. Trusting freelancers is an option but you would rather work with a company with set processes. Milestones being set with a company or freelancers is important so you don’t end up with a website that doesn’t meet the needs of your business. Asking to see previous projects that were completed on similar business websites is important. You want a website that is easy to navigate and helps maximize sales/leads. 

Start Using Content Marketing To Your Advantage 

Content marketing has changed immensely over the last decade on the internet. The days of clickbait being enough for a business to garner organic traffic is over. People are actually skipping over content that has incredible titles due to a majority of them not delivering anything of quality besides the title/headline. Do not waste money on content that is low quality as the average customer simply scrolls right by it. 

The creation of resource pages that can be used regularly by others in the industry can drive backlinks. The right content can also be updated regularly and reposted to attract traffic. Evergreen content being produced regularly will allow the company website to turn into an industry knowledge resource. 

Start Monitoring Online Reviews

Online reviews are checked by a number of potential customers regardless of the business they are thinking about spending money with. Online reviews are going to be where customers vent about things that they do not like about the business. The feedback can be used to fix certain processes or things that annoy the common customer. Salvaging customer relationships is very important when reading online reviews as arguing or dismissing a complaint doesn’t reflect well on a business. 

Use Social Media To Promote Content 

Social media can be used to promote content so it gets the most exposure possible. Digital media sharing platforms available from can streamline the process of regular posting. Social media can also be used to engage readers of the content via their comments. Responding to each comment can drive up the engagement of a post and have it show up in as many newsfeeds as possible. Building a sense of community among followers can result in building trust for the brand. 

Revamping the website and digital marketing strategy can help set a business up for success for years to come. The importance of the right online presence for a business cannot be undervalued. Investing time and money into this is something that a business owner will not regret.