Is Buying YouTube Views Anonymous?

A lot of people were asking if buying views on YouTube is anonymous. In the actual fact, the answer will depend on the company or website you choose. 

Even so, some top YouTube views service providers provide a comprehensive privacy policy as well as require basic information to make sure that their customers’ privacy will stay private. However, there are a number of sellers that do not offer privacy policies. 

Nonetheless, while we have never heard of a service provider exposing the information of their clients, we highly recommend that you opt for a seller that has strict privacy policies to make sure that you are safe when a problem takes place. 

Aside from privacy do you still have any concerns about buying YouTube views? If yes, then keep on reading. 

Below we have put together a number of frequently asked questions that are certain to help you decide whether you should buy YouTube video views or not.

How much YouTube views cost?

When it comes to the cost, it may vary widely too. But usually, you can get 1000 non-drop, active, and high-quality YouTube views for as low as $15. 

However, when someone is offering a considerable number of views for a very cheap price tag, make sure not to grab offer without even thinking, because there’s a possibility that the views are bots.

Is Purchasing Views Safe?

Buying views is completely safe. You will not get banned, your videos will not be removed, and it is LEGAL. 

But nevertheless, everything else will depend on the service provider you are considering. Some provide complete privacy, retention guarantee, great customer service, as well as high-quality services while others don’t. Thus, choosing the right seller then becomes extremely important. 

Can Videos Go Viral From Purchasing Views?

In the actual fact, we have already heard lots of successful stories from those who started purchasing views on YouTube to end up with viral and very popular videos. But this will also depend on the video’s content. 

Buying views, on the other hand, will aid your videos to gain social proof and credibility that can help in attracting people to watch them. If people don’t share and love your videos then they will not gain enough traction. 

But if your content is engaging, funny, excellent, and lots of people love it, believe it or not, they will share and their friends will share your videos as well, and this is where the viral train begins.

Will Buying Views Help Video SEO?

Yes, if and only if it is done right. Purchasing views with a high-retention rate is beneficial. However, your content should be fully optimized from the title to tags. As a matter of fact, these take up almost 80 percent of your SEO factors. Some while buying can help, it is not going to get you ranked on its own. 


Buying YouTube video views can be very confusing. Thus, we hope that this content answered some of your questions and concerns with regards to buying views.