Jason Hughes Promoting Culture of Excellence at San Diego HQ and Beyond

Where you do business matters and HM knows that. When Jason Hughes opened his San Diego headquarters, he knew delivering excellence and building lasting relationships would be part of that recipe for success. He keeps a culture of success thriving at his company by keeping a positive mindset, hiring the best talent, and making sure employees have the recognition they deserve and the tools to succeed. From “wow” cards to employee seminars with world-renowned motivational speakers, Hughes ensures everyone at HM feels like family. HM was also written about in Joe Calloway’s book The Leadership Mindset. HM is also involved with the Center for Creative Leadership in San Diego. HM was asked to help renew their San Diego campus lease in 2002. Jason Hughes also invited Bill Walton to speak on leadership in San Diego. Walton is a 69-year-old former NBA star who was heavily influenced by coaching guru John Wooden; Wooden, a college basketball coaching legend, created the Pyramid of Success, a framework of leadership skills and behaviors, which he taught to Jason Hughes. Hughes invited Walton to talk about the importance of teamwork and authenticity in San Diego. Teamwork is vital to him. The longtime tenant-representation mogul takes his team’s goals very seriously. He is constantly brainstorming ideas to get his team to collaborate better and more efficiently. Hughes is always thinking of new ways to better serve clients while also challenging staff to continually pursue growth in an ever-changing and ever-demanding field.

Even throughout the pandemic, Hughes has led HM through a period of growth, change, and expansion. While many companies were downsizing, HM did the opposite by adding a Denver office. And in the new year, HM shows no signs of slowing down.