Mobile Vehicle CCTV Cameras – Protecting Company Assets

Everyone knows of CCTV systems at work or in a residential setting, but did you know that there are mobile CCTV cameras that can be fitted to your business vehicles, providing the head office with clear images of your fleet, products and other important information. These cameras do not just capture and transmit audio and video, they also offer real time location coordinates.

Lower Insurance Premium

Having mobile CCTV online installed in your business fleet helps to lower your insurance premium. One of the best reasons to fit vehicle cameras that display real time videos is to stop paying out for accidents that were not your drivers’ fault. With a camera that gives visual and audio display, you have a tool to support your claims. If an investigation has begun, you can give solid evidence in favour of your case when everything has been caught on camera.

Protecting Vehicles and Products

Having a camera on your fleet does not just help to lower your insurance premium, it also protects company assets. A mobile CCTV unit can act as a deterrent, stopping criminals from trying to steal the vehicle or its contents. If they know they are being watched by security in the head office, they are far less likely to go near the vehicle. This technology allows the head office to view CCTV footage while the ignition is engaged.

Improving Driver Performance

Aside from being great for protecting your fleet and lowering your insurance premium, CCTV units that are attached to vehicles can be used for driver training purposes. Footage obtained from the onboard cameras can be used to show other drivers how to deal with specific situations that arise when on the road. This evidence-based training        helps to continually improve driver performance, making your fleet more efficient.

Better Drivers

When your drivers know they are being watched, they tend to drive safer with more caution. The use of mobile CCTV in cars, vans, and trucks is proven to improve driver performance. They are far less likely to do something risky if they know the head office can see them on CCTV. When their actions are being monitored, driver performance greatly improves.

Peace of Mind

Fitting a mobile CCTV system adds peace of mind for business owners. You can send your driver out with expensive products knowing that you can monitor their progress through the internet. You can use Google maps to find their exact location as they are on-route and you can keep an eye on the driver and your goods using the mobile CCTV system. This kind of tech is great for all kinds of transportation jobs, such as:

  • VIP clients
  • Transporting Cash
  • Oil Trucks

Having mobile CCTV attached to your business fleet has many benefits. It can be used in a range of industries to keep tabs on your drivers and your products. They are known to reduce accident frequency as drivers know they are being monitored, so they tend to drive better and take less risks. They also help to make considerable savings across the board.