Scale Up Your Digital Campaigns by Intergrating Automation with Pipedrive

Every modern business looking to grow its profits requires an effective digital marketing system that helps it organize business leads, streamline sales operations, and tweak even the most complicated of workflows. One of the best candidates for this kind of work is an all-rounded Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) software that facilitates several key business processes like storage of customer data, automated marketing, and collaboration between team members among others.

In this post, we take a look at how you can leverage the power and functions of a CRM software to scale up your digital marketing activities. The tool we’ll be referencing throughout this article is Pipedrive CRM which we believe is one of the most efficient in the market currently. However, most CRMs will work just as fine in enhancing your business.

Let’s dive straight in.

Manage your sales efficiently

This is easily the most notable benefit of automating your digital campaigns with a sales and marketing tool like Pipedrive. A CRM acts as a personal sales manager by helping you as the business owner to focus on the more critical marketing activities and deals. Besides, by implementing it, you’re able to have a clear overview of the entire sales process, thereby enabling you to respond to prospects in a timely fashion.

As if that’s not enough, the solid infrastructure of these tools means you can efficiently manage data from thousands of global customers in a highly secure environment.

Close more business deals

Adding deals in the Pipedrive CRM is a simple and straightforward process once you’re familiar with its interface. To do this, start by clicking on the ‘Deals’ section and select the ‘Add Deal’ option. While here, feed in the required data as shown in the pop up (organizations, scheduled activities, expected date of closure, and stages).

With the advanced activity scheduler, you can plan events or schedule client appointments without risking double entries. After scheduling your events, click on the ‘Mail’ tab where you can synchronize your emails and forward documents to close deals with specific contacts. If needed, you can also use the bulk editing feature to redesign or modify your emails in a way that will be appealing to the recipients.

Collect leads in an organized manner

A simplified layout and infinite configuration possibilities are some of the strengths of the Pipedrive CRM and one of the reason the tool is considered by many to be a market leader. Use these features to your advantage especially in facilitate a smooth lead management process.

Like most CRMs, you can this use tool to customize web forms that are then embedded on newsletters or websites to collect contact information. And if you do not fancy the available pre-designed web forms, you’re free to create one manually from the settings section. Finally, you can integrate the forms to your selected email marketing software or autoresponder tool. For example, this Pipedrive MaliChimp sync enables you to import contacts automatically from MailChimp for quicker and smoother communication with your email list.

Improve your targeting and customization

When it comes to communication with customers, one of the most effective ways to boost conversions is by creating personalized messages for specific audiences. This is where customer or market segmentation comes in. Identify customer behavior by tracking their calls, meetings, emails, and any other method through which you can learn their preferences and needs.

Based on the information gathered at this stage using a tool like CRM, you can easily know which offers to send different people in your list or accounts, the language to use, etc. As a result, you’ll be able to improve your email open rates, click through rates, and ultimately record better sales.

Top notch reporting and statistics

Metrics are by far the most important elements when it comes to tracking and measuring the performance of your digital campaigns. Luckily, with a CRM tool like Pipedrive, you can collect all the crucial statistics you need concerning your business performance. This can range from the history of a specific lead, to the cumulative value of each deal, and even the performance of your sales reps.

As for reporting, Pipedrive stores and backs up all conversations and relevant data in a centralized database. This allows you to generate detailed summaries or export the information to other systems whenever needed.

What this means for your business

Sales performance, customer relationships, and reporting are some of the critical processes you should always monitor closely if you’re to achieve success managing an online business.  By integrating automation with Pipedrive or any other related tool, you can constantly refine, improve, and personalize your digital campaigns. In return, you can enjoy better results in the form of increased number of prospects, enhanced conversions, and ultimately more revenue.