The 5 Most Popular Online Degrees

In this article, we go over some of my top 5 online degrees, and why they might be worth looking into for you.

Online degrees are a great tool for anyone looking to continue their education while still working, taking care of a family, or who just wants some extra downtime. These are some of the most popular online degrees, and their benefits. 

Business Management

I’m sure you’ve seen this pop up in quite a few lists, and for good reason. Business administration or management is one of the most sought after degrees, because they pertain to a lot of people’s interests, and feed into a very large job market. 


To some people, this may come as a surprise. Online degrees aren’t exactly known for their medical implications. But nursing is an extremely popular one. Of course it does require a fair amount of hands-on situations, but nothing that can’t be solved with a couple labs. This is a great one for people of all ages and experience, since you don’t need to commit to an eternity before you work your way up the pay grade.

Criminal Justice

This is another one that you’ve most likely seen around. And it’s very similar to business management in the sense that a lot of people like this area, and it feeds into a substantial job market. With steady, and often government oriented jobs as well. 


Accounting is a hit or miss for most people. It’s just simply not something that too many people are interested in. But for a lot of others, it’s the ideal life. And it doesn’t come without it’s benefits. This degree will require some additional math, but nothing you can’t handle if crunching numbers is your thing.


In my eyes, I kind of see marketing as a sort of mix between accounting and business. Of course that’s not entirely accurate, but it is the back end of a lot of businesses. And it definitely involves a lot of numbers and statistics.