The key strategies a recruiter should master

Recruiters have a significant role to play in any organization. In fact, their principal task involves filling up the jobs with good talent within a reasonable time frame. However, it may be noticed that the task can be complemented with the use of an ATS or applicant tracking systems. However, if you really want to achieve the best standards as a recruiter, you need to master a few skills for becoming the best ever recruiter that you had ever wanted to be. 

The Interpersonal skills

Recruiting is all about building the best relationship with the candidates. If you are sure of how to build relationships with the right candidates, that will help you achieve the proper performance of your recruiting strategy.

The best recruiter would be the one who tends to be caring and approachable to the best possible extent. It can make the candidates willing to work with you. In fact, they will open up without being compelled to feel inhibited and come up with the best performance. 

Managing Time 

This is yet another positive trait or technique that you should develop. It goes without saying that the recruiters are forced to work under too tight schedules. It would be essential to learn effective time management. 

Tools like Greenhouse ATS software, Deputy time clock app, etc. would help you achieve the excellent results in an effective time management as it will help you automate most of the tasks and thus assist you in achieving the right time management techniques. It can also be helpful enough to achieve the perfect standards in scheduling interviews and running them precisely on time. You can opt for a few standalone time management tools to ensure a better performance level.

Listening Skills 

A Good listening skill is what would make you the perfect and the much-preferred recruiter. Properly hearing your hiring managers, co-workers, and most importantly the candidates can be an excellent trait that works in improving the quality of a hire.

It can consistently help you in improving your negotiation skills. A better listening capability will ensure that you will be able to get the right candidates for your job opening. In essence, you can be assured that a better listening skill will ensure that you will be able to make better decisions, and your choices will never be based on any will of the moment.


Recruiting takes a lot of time, and yes, a lot of patience. It can involve several rounds of ads, screenings, and interviews before you can finally opt for the perfectly right candidate for your organization. That is where your patience should play a considerably significant role.

Along with patience, you will also need to have access to persistence and a lot of quick thinking. Patience can also induce a higher degree of critical thinking ability. That way, you can be assured of a decision about hiring without any sort of bias and preconceived notions. Ensure that you have enough patience to arrive at a logical decision.

Affinity towards technology

The new age recruiters need to be tech savvy. Of course, you may have the requisite recruitment skills. But combining them with the affinity to use the technology can go a long way in improving your performance. 

Some of the technologies that can have a positive impact would include tools like Greenhouse ATS software, management platforms, and several other efficient tools that can improve your performance. If you are capable of working with high-end technologies, your chances of leveraging your performance will improve.

Multitasking Capabilities 

Just like the time management that we just discussed, multitasking capabilities yet another excellent option that can prove to be quite useful. There are several areas and tasks that a recruiter needs to handle at the same time.

Make sure you are improving your multitasking skills to ensure your performance. You will need to manage multiple tasks like preparing job ads, screening the candidates, scheduling interviews, and communicating with the candidates, and these are “just a few” of those many tasks. And these multiply with each of the job opening you are responsible for! 

Well, those should be just a few of the high end skills you need to master as a recruiter. The automation tools can indeed go a long way in helping you get close to being the perfect recruiter, and thereby bring the best talent possible to your organization.