Things to Avoid When You’re Working on a Promotional Video for your Business

Videos are the way forward. Effective video marketing is the key to making your online business a success. We asked different consumers why they prefer watching video content in comparison to any other form of content, and the answer was mind blowing. People preferred watching video because it was easily digestible, more entertaining and highly engaging which made it one of the favored choices among marketers. Putting aside the self-beliefs of the normal individuals, we asked marketers and the answer was because videos have a higher ROI on different marketing channels compared to written content. 

With that said, there’s no doubt there lies a great potential in video marketing. 

More than 90% of marketers believe videos will become the most consumable content type. And this statement has now somewhat become true. Today, the Internet is full of worthwhile videos and only a few handful of marketers are realizing the importance of it. With the ever-growing trend, if we talk about a specific video type that’s taking the Internet by storm, then it is none other but promotional videos. Promotional videos help in promoting your brand effectively across a variety of different platforms. However, in the wake of reaching out desired audiences, many businesses often over-do it. 

Here are six things which I believe every business should avoid when creating a promotional video. 

Keep the Big Picture in Mind

One of the most common mistakes which marketers commit is that they deviate from the big picture. It is highly important that your promotional video should stay in-line with the original brand messaging. 

If a video fails to deliver the right message behind your business objectives, you can easily lose the interest of your target audience. In fact, even if you’re able to hook them, you won’t be able to convince them to take action. In the hustle and bustle of getting the word out, the main message behind your video gets lost. You certainly don’t want that to experience now, do you? 

When creating a promotional video, AVOID forgetting about the big picture! Every time you create one, 

Ask yourself, 

“Does our promotional video help us achieve our overall business objective?”

Don’t Overload your Video with Too Much Content

One of the biggest mistakes that many brands commit is that they often end up overloading the video with excessive content. Cramming up your video with too much content can often overwhelm the viewer. 

Therefore, it is highly important that you keep a bird’s eye view and make your videos highly focused. 

When your promotional video only focuses on a single factor and revolves around that particular factor, it becomes relatively easier for you to hook the audience and convince them that you’re the best option. 

Videos are expensive. When you’re spending a good amount in getting a video done, surely you want to mention every detail. However, what you do not realize is that you will end up creating a big clutter. 

Clutters don’t work; instead, they weaken your ability to hook the audience. 

AVOID crowding your video with too much unnecessary content. 

Don’t Start Educating The Audience

There’s an explainer video and then there’s a promotional video. Businesses often commit the mistake of intermixing both. They usually fail to realize that both video types are a class-apart. You can’t educate the audience with a promotional type video. For that, you should invest your budget in an explainer type. 

The purpose of a video isn’t to educate. 

The purpose of a video is to initiate a personal connection. 

Don’t make your video a lecture of a classroom or a CEO debriefing business objectives in a boardroom. Don’t try to empower the audience with statistics and factual data. AVOID educating them at all costs. 

Lastly, Don’t Forget the Call to Action 

All your time and the investments you’re going to make in creating a remarkable promotional video will eventually turn into waste if you don’t add the right call to action. It’s the single most important thing which most marketers forget. While people will enjoy watching your promotional video, they won’t convert or take a decision to become a part of your growing brand. And the reason is, no strong call-to-action. 

AVOID forgetting to add the perfect call-to-action at the end of your video. It’s the single most important thing which every video production company emphasizes upon. 

So there you go, here are some of the things which I believe you should avoid when getting a promotional video for your brand.