Tips to Make the Right First Impression in Life and in Business

First impressions can set you up for success or failure depending on how they go. In personal situations, the right first impression could attract a potential romantic partner or allow you to be accepted into a group more rapidly. There is only going to be one chance to make this impression but it is important to be confident regardless of the scenario. Being rattled in business when the CEO of a company walks into your pitch is not an option. Making the best first impression possible in business with the individual that has the final say can trump relationships with underlings. The following are tips to help you make the right first impression in life and in business.

Your Smile Matters

Your smile is one of the first things that a person will notice about you. You could be tall or short but a bright smile is sure to catch the eye of people in the office. This does not mean you should go crazy with different strips that whiten your teeth as overuse of these can damage tooth enamel. A Cary dentist or one in your area can be visited for cleanings before you start you first day of work. Confidence behind your smile is key as a number of people can detect a forced/fake smile.  

Dress to Impress

Dressing up to the standards of the office is important as underdressing on your first day can prove disastrous. There are plenty of offices that have open dress codes as long as the clothing is appropriate. Dress in a professional way but do not overdress in these environments and stand out for the wrong reasons. You know what your best features are so accentuate them during your first few weeks at a company. In personal situations, you want to make sure you look presentable as you never know who you might meet randomly.

Be Confident in Yourself

Confidence is essential in both personal and professional situations where you will be making a first impression. Self-talk in the mirror might seem corny but it can be a great way to build your confidence. The last thing that people in business want to do is to work with people that are unsure of themselves as this could be viewed as they are not proficient at their job. A firm handshake can work wonders regardless of sex as everyone respects a handshake with some power behind it.

Arrive at the Office Early

There are flexible hours at many businesses as long as deadlines are hit and clients are happy. Getting to the office early is still seen as a positive feature in a person. Being able to get work done without distractions can be important especially if you share desk space with a chatty coworker. Arrive early for the first few months or until you understand what time your direct manager arrives as they are who you have to impress.

Making the right first impression can change the trajectory of your career and life immensely. You never know who you meet that could potentially change your life for the better.