Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents can be traumatic, often disrupting daily life as drivers deal with injuries and property damages. The more severe the accident, the more traumatic the situation becomes. How can you know when an accident is severe enough to require legal aid, though?

Most professionals, in legal fields and otherwise, will advise hiring an attorney for any accident. The reasons behind the suggestion are multi-faceted, but there are ten main reasons to be aware of. Here is why you should hire a car accident attorney every time.

1. A Professional Touch

After an accident, you’ll be dealing with several different parties. There’s the other driver, both insurance companies, and hospitals as well as the medical professionals that work there. If the other driver hires legal aid, you’ll have to deal with their attorney as well.

Few, if any, of these individuals will have your best interest in mind outside of the medical professionals that help you heal. Dealing with them all on your own is a daunting, nearly impossible task. An attorney takes care of all of this for you while ensuring that you are priority number one.

2. Case Evaluations

While you might know a little about accidents, professionals like this Bay Area car accident lawyer have handled thousands. If you’re looking to get the most compensation or get into the least legal trouble, depending on who caused the accident, then an attorney is your best bet.

3. Insider Knowledge

The experience an attorney brings comes with the know-how to handle each and every aspect of a trial. The paperwork and phone calls that take place behind the scenes are a labyrinth to those unaware what legal proceedings entail.

4. Your Insurance

If you think your insurance company wants to pay what they owe you after an accident, think again. An attorney knows the wording and fine print within your policy as well as the other driver’s, helping you get the highest settlement and payout possible.

5. Medical Access

Emergency room staff can save your life, but many drivers require a professional for ongoing care after the fact. Attorneys have a network of medical professionals that are top-rated in their specialties, ensuring you have the best treatment available.

6. The Letter of Demand

One of the first steps in filing a claim, this document details the circumstances of the accident. That includes medical treatment, economic loss, and the affect it has on your daily life. Fitting that all into two pages is challenging, not to mention the legal wording required. It’s better to let someone familiar with the document handle it.

7. Getting Tough

No one wants additional challenges or stress while they’re trying to recover from an accident. Hospitals can be slow to provide paperwork, your insurance is looking for ways to pay you less, and the other party’s attorney isn’t going to be the friendliest person you’ve ever talked to. With an attorney on your side, they’ll get tough when they need to so you’re treated the way you deserve to be.

8. Lawsuits Scare Insurance Companies

Insurance companies will utilize top-notch lawyers and dirty tricks to pay you the minimum possible. Without legal representation, they will either pay you a minimal settlement or make a fool of you in court. With equal representation, you’ll find that bullying attitude changing to one that’s afraid of a lawsuit.

9. Heading to Court

There are plenty of times when a car accident is settled long before it goes to trial, but that’s not always the case. While your attorney can handle every detail beforehand and often work out a deal in your favor, they can also head right into a trial armed to the teeth with an incredible case, witnesses, and closing argument.

10. All the Small Things

From start to finish, the process of seeking compensation is incredibly complex. The paperwork, case building, phone calls, and more are daunting. Luckily, attorneys have chosen to do just that for a living. While you focus on healing, let a legal professional deal with all the fine details.