Why You Should Switch to Using a Cloud

In today’s modern world, the way we store and process information and data is constantly changing. Not long ago, the only way we had to store information was on hard copies.

Piles upon piles of books and papers, all organized in a protected environment. But this was far from flawless. If a fire broke out, you could destroy centuries of data, with no way to recover it. At the time, the only way to help protect against this was to create multiple copies of it. With that said, everything was still a physical object that could be destroyed. With such an increase in technological capabilities, we were able to find new ways of storing information, specifically the cloud.

A cloud is a sort of virtual network, where information can be uploaded to and shared between many people. The information on a cloud isn’t stored in one place, and rather is stored in many different places. This means that information stored on a cloud will be extremely difficult to lose. 

Clouds provide an amazing sense of stability for the documents in them, however it is sometimes difficult to keep things secure. Storing things on an online cloud is safe from physical harm, but it does mean that it’s susceptible to hackers, and other forms of virtual harm, such as bugs, and viruses.

Although clouds storing important and sensitive information go out of their way to have state of the art security measures and decryption, many people opt for both cloud and physical storage of documents and information. This allows extra security and peace of mind that your information will be kept available. 

This is why managed VPS Hosting is a very effective method for many users. A VPS or a cloud server is an affordable, yet high quality way to be able to create a virtual environment, within a server. This allows for you to run multiple systems, with their own unique operating systems and space. These virtual servers have their own CPU, RAM, SSD or harddrive space, IP address, and run as efficiently as the physical machine they’re based on.

This is a great cost saving service for businesses that require multiple servers or systems, since it allows for you to have as many as you need, without needing to purchase as many physical servers. Buying a lot of computers can get really expensive for business owners, really fast. They’re expensive, take up space, and are constantly getting re-invented and updated.

Keeping up with them can be a massive headache. With VPS hosting, you’re able to keep costs and space management effective, while running multiple systems. With that said, it’s important to make sure that you don’t overwork your physical servers.

Your virtual server is like a parasite, and takes away from the space and abilities of the server it’s based on. For example, on a server with 500 gigabytes of storage, running four virtual servers will give you five servers, each with 100 gigabytes of storage, or however much you want to allocate to each of them.