Why Your E-commerce Store Must be Mobile-Friendly

Both millennials and older generations are enjoying the benefits provided by the new technologies, and given the fact that we now rely on mobile applications, this has a significant influence on how e-commerce stores should operate. In case you’re not already convinced why you should have a mobile-friendly e-commerce store, today we’ll discuss four main reasons why this is a great advantage.     

#1 Make your store highly responsive

As an e-commerce business owner, one of your most important goals should be to ensure a smooth customer experience on mobile, and by optimizing your store to be mobile-friendly, what you’ll actually do is improving its responsiveness. If you optimize your store, it will load faster on mobile devices and offer a fluid customer experience, contributing to the development of the business’s reputation, and ultimately increase your store’s conversion rate.  

People don’t like to wait more than a few seconds for the online store to load, and if that’s that not the case for you, you’re very likely losing a lot of potential customers.

#2 Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We already know that online stores with the best web and mobile development tend to rank higher in search engines like Google. Although it’s not clear how Google classifies the websites, the company had already stated that the most responsive sites (i.e., highly optimized for mobile devices) are more likely to get to the top spots. In other words, If you want to get more free organic traffic and save money on advertising, having a mobile-friendly store will do the work for you.  

#3 Access to a wider audience

At present, marketing statistics suggest that more than half of the online traffic is generated from mobile devices. It means that you must bear in mind that most of your potential clients will visit your store via a mobile device. Generating new opportunities and better conversion rates are some of your most important goals, and by having your e-commerce store well-optimized, you’ll manage to satisfy a significantly bigger audience.    

#4 Increase the average time spent on your store

The average time spent by a potential customer on your online store is an important metric and may determine how successful your business is. Since people spend most of their time on mobile devices rather than on PCs, an optimized store will benefit them, and they will probably get to spend more time on your pages. The longer they stay, the higher the chances of finding one or more products suitable for their needs. As mentioned above, people lose their patience very quickly, and they’ll go to another store if you don’t do your homework.   Do you own an e-commerce business? Would you like to improve your customer experience and reduce the number of buyer disputes? If the answer is yes, read our review of the Purchase Guard platform to learn how it works and how you can benefit from it.