3 Tips For Having A Movie Night With An Elderly Loved One

If you want to put together a special night for you and your elderly loved one to spend some time together, having a movie night could be a great idea. However, a movie night with an elderly loved one will likely be a little different than a movie night that you might have with someone from a later generation. So to make sure that this is an experience that is enjoyed by both of you, here are three tips for having a movie night with an elderly loved one.

Choose A Movie They’ll Like

The first thing you’ll have to decide when hosting a movie night is what movie or movies you’ll be watching. Since you’re going to be having a movie night with your eldelry loved one, it’s best to pick a movie that both you and your loved one will enjoy.

Classic movies might be a great place to start, as they were likely enjoyed by your loved one in years before. However, you could also choose a movie about someone in a similar stage of life as your loved one. There are plenty of movies available about people who are in retirement, living in assisted living facilities, or just enjoying the last remaining years of their life. You could even find a movie about two older people falling in love. Any of these kinds of movies will likely be enjoyed by your elderly loved one.

Use Movies To Help Them Stay Mentally Active

If you’re wanting to go with a movie that’s not in the fiction category, you could use your movie night as a chance to help your loved one stay mentally active by choosing something like a documentary or something else educational.

Especially if your elderly loved one has a keen interest in something and is always looking to learn more about it, finding a movie about this type of thing could be a great way to learn something new together and help your loved one see how much you know and care about them as a person.

Make Movies Easier To Hear And Understand

Depending on the physical state of your elderly loved one, watching or listening to a movie might be hard for them.

If this is the case, make sure you’re prepared to turn the volume up loud so they can hear it or to turn on the closed captioning. Oftentimes, older people like to have the subtitles on so that they don’t miss anything in the story that they might not be able to hear. So even if you’re not used to this, turning this feature on while watching a movie with an elderly person is a thoughtful gesture.

If you’re wanting to have a movie night with an elderly loved one in your life, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you get everything set up perfectly.