3 Tips For Realtors To Boost Their Digital Marketing

The shifting paradigms of the world have put businesses through the wringer, closing down many of them and hampering the profitability of thousands more. 

Real estate agents have faced similar challenges, and many realtors have found digital marketing a great help. 

That’s because most real estate buyers research properties online and even attend virtual open houses before they decide to make an offer and visit the property in person. This has compelled realtors to use digital marketing to attract this niche clientele. 

They work with digital marketing agencies to get unique marketing solutions that put them at the forefront of local search and help them find qualified buyers and sellers who’d be willing to work with them. 

As a result, 84% of realtors use social media to promote their business. Those who still don’t have a presence on social media miss out on a viable marketing method. Whether you aim to generate more leads or wish to establish your brand, digital marketing helps you do it all.

However, you will require a distinctive marketing strategy that helps you stand out from so much competition. Here are three tips that can boost your digital media marketing strategy.

Develop A User-Friendly Website

People have so many online options that they don’t have the patience to stick to a service if it isn’t customer-friendly. So if your website takes forever to load or isn’t mobile-friendly, your visitors will bounce right off to another realtor website that values their time. 

And remember, 88% of users don’t return to a website if they’ve had a bad experience with it. 

Hence, if you want to convert the traffic into customers, you need to develop a user-friendly website. To achieve that, your website should include the following: 

  • A live chat
  • Clear guidance of the buying process
  • A straightforward list of all current listings
  • Links to connect to the services users might need in shifting, like movers, home inspectors, and lawyers

Offer Virtual Tours

One drawback of buying property online is that the user cannot visit it in person, and pictures don’t give you the exact idea of its condition. So, hosting virtual tours, in this case, can be an excellent help for buyers and sellers trying to do business during a pandemic.  

You will need to include a real video of the property to help the user look around the house more effectively. According to a study, videos help marketers grow revenue 49% faster than non-video content.

Moreover, you can also use 3D, user-friendly, and responsive virtual tours to grab your customers’ attention. 

Formulate An Effective Social Media Strategy

If you wish to find more customers and leads, developing a full-fledged social media marketing strategy is essential. Just posting random details about your real estate business or the houses for sale won’t be as effective. 

Here are a few things to post on your social media that can help in boosting your business. 

  • Your team – their bios, names, and faces
  • New listings
  • Blog posts
  • Case Studies
  • Success stories


Investing in a digital marketing strategy for your business will never leave you disappointed. This is all the more true for realtors struggling to sustain business in a cutthroat market that’s rife with economic challenges.

These tactics don’t have to be expensive but attuned to the unique needs of your audiences. That’s why it’s best to leave the digital marketing to experts and choose an agency that specializes in working with realtors.