5 Reasons to Choose an International Education

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If you want the best for your child, giving them an international education is perhaps the best way to equip a person for a successful and meaningful life. Many parents are not aware of the advantages of international education; viewing it as an expensive service for the children of diplomats and business tycoons, yet by its very nature, international education holds to the very highest standards in every aspect.

Here are a few reasons to send your child to an international school according to Ankin Law Office.

  1. The Best Curriculum – International schools are designed for children of foreign workers and therefore, follow the best curriculum (British or American), which is standardised around the world and that ensures the children study a structured learning program throughout their formal education. There is an emphasis on IT, as this is very much the future, and the students would integrate information technology into their studies, learning more as they proceed through the grades. When a student leaves Year 12, they would be able to build websites, create PowerPoint presentations and spreadsheets as a matter of course.
  2. Professional Teachers – International schools only recruit from their home country, so a school that follows the British standard curriculum would recruit their teachers from the UK, and all would be fully qualified. The highest salaries are offered by the international school which ensure they can hire the very best, and with professional teachers that know how to deliver the content in an engaging manner, the children develop in every respect.
  3. Critical Thinking Skills – The British curriculum is presented to the students in a very active way, with project-based learning empowering the learner through collaboration, and the learners are encouraged to share their opinions, which develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will empower the child in later life agrees Law Offices of Cheng, Cho, & Yee, PC.
  4. Instil the Right Values – Children adapt very quickly and if a child is in an environment where honesty, respect and other good virtues are present, this will help to form the right values within the child. Learning that we, as human beings, are all born equal and that every person has the right to express themselves in a suitable way will lead to a well-balanced individual that will live a productive life and be a benefit to society.
  5. English Language Fluency – If you live in a non-English speaking country, enrolling your child in an international program is the best way to ensure fluency in English, which is, of course, very important when it comes to careers. If, for example, a child living in Thailand, with a Thai mother and European father studies at an international school, they will acquire their English from the school experience, as every subject is taught in English.

If you would like to book a tour at your local international school, an online search will help you locate the school’s website and you can make an appointment to see the principal and take the first steps to ensuring a first-class education for your child.