5 Tabs You Need On Your Business Website

Building a business website that works isn’t a fine science, but there are some foundational elements that work for any industry online.  Having a base knowledge of what your website needs to find success is a great way to set the stage for the future.  

Take a moment to start educating yourself on what it takes to design a website that reaches consumers.  Here is a brief look at a few of the tabs you should always have on your business website.  


The homepage of your website is the most important page on the list.  When users land on your homepage, you have just a few seconds to gain their attention.  Then you have to keep it.  

Part of designing an excellent homepage is keeping the design simple and uncluttered.  Don’t hit people with too much as soon as they land, but do make sure there’s enough to catch the eyes of passing web users.  

Contact Us

Communication is a crucial cause of your website, so design it into your overall package.  Every great business website needs an equally great “Contact Us” page.  

Your contact page should offer users more than just one way to communicate with someone in your operation.  You can add a chatbot for constant communication, several phone numbers, and an email address to get things started.  

About Us

Your “About Us” page may not seem important, but it’s the conduit to humanizing your operation in the eyes of consumers.  Adding the right information to your “About Us” page will help users feel like they know a little more about who runs your business.  

Your “About Us” page can also be a great place to share your mission with consumers.  This cyber protection business presents a sound example of what your “About Us” page is meant to convey.  Let your audience know why the business means so much, and what you plan to do to better the industry along the way.  


Your products and services are what makes the money in your operation.  It makes sense that you would need to devote a section of your site to what you’re actually selling.  

Do some investigating on what elements make for a great products page before you start designing this section of your site.  Make sure you understand what a great product description looks like, so users aren’t left wondering.  


Adding a “Blog” section to your website is adding a marketing tool to the design.  Your business blog can be used in numerous ways to strengthen your company’s connection to your target audience.  Quality blog entries will go a long way to boosting visibility for your website.