A Closer Look at Bitcoin ATMs

Recent years have seen the advent of a new type of crypto service known as the cryptocurrency ATM. This is a term that has been going around now for a while but many might still be confused at what is meant by the term cryptocurrency ATM. The first thing one needs to know when speaking of the term cryptocurrency ATM is that these are not ATMs in the traditional sense. They are instead tied to the world of cryptocurrency purchases and sales. This is a service that makes it easier than ever to purchase cryptocurrency through a cash transaction, and provides users with local bitcoin purchasing options. As the industry grows, these machines are becoming increasingly user-friendly. The trend toward cryptocurrency ATMs is one that is certainly seeing significant growth at the moment.

A Service That Has Seen a Quick Expansion

At the moment there are currently more than 5 thousand of these cryptocurrency ATMs around the world. This growth has been rapid and this number was reached in a relatively short amount of time. What this points to is the fact that there is a larger number of people than ever before who can quickly and easily buy cryptocurrency. The process of using one of these ATMs is generally only around five minutes. Many of these ATMs also offer a variety of different cryptocurrencies that are currently in today’s market. Many new cryptocurrency ATM service providers are now appearing in today’s landscape. One of the most notable organizations in this field that is currently operating in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States is CoinFlip.

A Rising Star in the Industry

CoinFlip is headed up by its dedicated Chief Executive Officer Daniel Polotsky. He has become a true innovator in this field of cryptocurrency ATMs and he has achieved this success by noticing areas that need to be improved. His ability to find solutions to these issues has helped to turn CoinFlip into a rising star within this industry. Daniel noticed that the first generation of cryptocurrency ATMs was simply not ideal when it came to usability. Since he noticed this, he has made it a goal at CoinFlip to change this and to create cryptocurrency ATMs that can easily deliver services to customers. The success of this strategy is being shown in the growth currently ongoing at CoinFlip. There are a total of six cryptocurrency types that can be purchased and sold through the firm’s ATMs.

How CoinFlip is Making a Difference

The business at CoinFlip was first launched during the 2015 calendar year. By 2016, the firm was showing an impressive ability to grow. Since that time, CoinFlip has picked up a variety of different customers. One of the demographics that this service is particularly valuable to is the unbanked. There are literally people from all walks of life that are currently utilizing the excellent services that have been put forward by CoinFlip and its user-friendly cryptocurrency ATMs. Proving these services at the highest level has been the driving force behind the company since its launch. The leadership term of Daniel Polotsky has been effective at ensuring that these goals have been met consistently.