Best Web Hosting for SEO Purposes

Nowadays, providing good content on your website is not enough for it to reach your audience. For a site to be seen by people, it must be visible when its content is searched on a search engine. With the thousands of sites that exist for a single topic alone, this is not an easy feat. Good thing that there are several ways of getting a good ranking within an engine’s search results. This set of techniques is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and it can make or break your website’s performance in the rankings. This technique is usually offered by SEO companies like St. Louis SEO Stars.

What is not known to everyone, however, is that the hosting provider itself can affect a site’s SEO. This is because a provider’s features greatly determine a site’s ranking on search results. Here are some of the best hosting providers available which can help your site gain leverage on-site visits. 

Blue Host

This is one of the largest web hosts on the market, providing services for around 2 million domains currently. It is well-known due to its great shared hosting plans and varying options for WordPress. Its hosting plans vary according to bandwidth, storage space, and price. It also lets clients set up a domain for free. This is great for initial site setups which can be prone to changes such as in DNS. It also provides a free SSL certificate which is a must for site owners vying for search result rankings.


Clients aiming for their site to have great uptime should consider HostGator to be their provider of choice. This provider boasts an uptime of almost 99.99%, which means that clients can rest be assured that their site stays running for long periods without refreshing. It also has flexible plans in WordPress, Cloud, and VPS. 

Fat Cow

This hosting provider has been in business for over 20 years already, hosting sites for both small and large businesses. It aims to help startups in establishing their first site and gaining traction for it to be more reachable to their target audiences. Aside from having budget-friendly packages, it also offers unique features such as free site daily backup to prevent downtime when the website is offline during issue resolution. 


For clients that can afford to spend more on web hosting, GoDaddy is one to consider. This provider has several locations, enabling the sites that it hosts to load much faster. This is because the server location has a direct impact on a website’s loading time. Longer loading times can reduce a site’s ranking due to bad user experience. It also offers different hosting packages to suit the needs of its clients.

WP Engine

For WordPress-centric sites, this hosting provider is the preferred choice. It boasts a wide array of hosting plans well-suited for clients to fully-maximize WordPress in their sites. On top of that, the provider has excellent speed, scalability, and security. Some of the features unique to this provider are Evercache, a page caching system that optimizes the site to increase loading speed. It also enables the site to have a fluid feel when used on a mobile browser.

Having difficulty in choosing your hosting provider for your site? These providers are worthy of your time to have a look for their wide array of features and great package options for you to choose from based on your website’s needs.