Different Anti-Theft Tactics to Secure Your Retail Store from Intruders

According to a National Retail Survey conducted in the United States indicates an average shoplifter can easily walk away with $438 per theft and their chance of getting caught is as less as 1 in 50. 

On an average, the number of goods stole from retail stores in the United States alone sums up in billions. In case, you’re a serious retail business, this is a grave fact which you just can’t ignore. 

We now live in a technologically advanced age where there are many gadgets & devices to help take every possible measure to minimize the incidents of shoplifting. 

Are you searching up in what ways you can maximize theft resistance at your workplace? 

Here are some to reduce the occurrence of theft from happening at your retail store. 

Patch Up Perimeter Security at the Retail Store

Parking lots are the areas through which a shoplifter can easily walk away without a problem. Therefore, the best practice to minimize shoplifting is by utilizing wide angle camera turrets. Install them around your store’s perimeter especially around the parking lot area and keep a thorough check. You can also hire patrol officers to walk around the perimeter and keep track of any unusual or suspicious activity from taking place. Using IP based camera units, you can transmit real-time video surveillance to any computer on the network. With effective CCTV monitoring, teams can stay alert to take action anytime. 

Place surveillance cameras strategically in different locations of the retail store. You can place them at, 

  • Nearby entrances & exit points
  • The parking lot spaces 
  • Behind cash registers 
  • In storage rooms and inventory areas 

Merchandise Placement

One of the most important reasons why people choose to visit your retail store is the merchandise which you’re selling. So when you place them, make sure to place them behind a transparent glass so they aren’t easy to shoplift. Keep daily consumer goods in one section of the store, while the important electronic items on the shelves in the other section of the store. When placing merchandise make sure to segregate the products accordingly so the goods don’t intermix with each other. In this way, you can keep a watchful eye on the expensive items such as electronics, jewelries, etc. Install alarm system glasses and video cameras in the section so it becomes difficult for a thief to shoplift any item. 

Install the Latest Alarm Systems 

Fire incidents can take place anytime. It can happen because of a faulty wiring system or some other reason. However, taking safety precautions to safeguard your retail store from fire-starting incidents can help you keep your lives safe. At the same time, you can have plenty of moments to stop the fire from spreading. In order to keep a watchful eye, it’s best that you have a fire alarm control system in place. The alarm will eventually alert you when a fire breaks out and thus, you and your employees can quickly vacate the premises within no time. Before you know it, you may find yourself in the safe zone. 

Place RFID Tags on Your Merchandise

When placing merchandise in your retail store, add RFID tags on every product which you place on display. These tags can be scanned or removed once the item is purchased by a customer. In case, if a shoplifter plans to steal the merchandise and walk out the front door, they will have to pass through an exit point. With someone trying to sneak a product out from the premises, the exit point will start beeping an alarm & as a result, it will prevent the incident from happening. Hire a security guard so they can stand at the door & in case, if anybody tries to exit the premises with RFID tagged merchandise, they can catch them. 

Double Check the Locking Mechanisms

If you’re living someplace in Atlanta, hire a locksmith service in Atlanta to double check all the locks at your premises and make sure they are in proper working order. One of the reasons why shoplifting incidents take place is because of faulty lock mechanisms installed within the workplace. So make sure all the locks at your premises are in absolute working order. 

So there you go, here are some of the anti-theft tactics which, in my opinion, are worth the consideration. Are there any interesting tactics in your mind? Feel free to share them with us when you get the time.