Great Vision Board Ideas to Augment Your Goal Setting

Having a clear idea of what you want in life is the first step to reaching your goals. Vision boards are a great way to help you refine your dreams and turn them into something tangible. 

What Is a Vision Board?

A vision board is essentially a collage of images, quotes, and words that inspire you and remind you of your dreams and goals. This can be a physical poster that you actually draw on or glue things to, or it can be digital.

The idea is to put it in a place where you will look at it every day, to keep you inspired to work toward your goals every day. 

Now that you know what a vision board is, here are some ideas for types of vision boards you can create.

Goal-Specific Vision Boards

Say you have a goal that you want to eat healthier. To keep yourself motivated to work toward that achievement, it can be helpful to create a goal-specific vision board. On it, you’ll include images, words, and quotes that relate to what you want to achieve for that goal. 

These kinds of vision boards are great because they allow you to really dive in deep on one objective and refine exactly what you want from it. Goal-specific vision boards can be about any goal you want, like the health goal we just mentioned. It could also be about travel, your career, your family, or anything else.

Year-Long Goals Vision Boards

As you might expect, this is when you create a vision board that details what you want to achieve for all of your intentions in a given year. These tend to be more general than the goal-specific vision boards because you’re including ideas for your aspirations in all areas of your life. 

Affirmations and Intentions Vision Board

A vision board is designed to help you visualize what your dreams are in life so that they feel more achievable and real, but that doesn’t mean you need to include very specific goals on your board. Some vision boards are more about reflecting on who you are as a person and building up your own self-esteem. 

You can add words, phrases, and images that inspire you and evoke an idea of how you want your life to be. 

Keep in mind that, ultimately, your vision board should be whatever you need it to be. Don’t worry about the things other people are putting on their boards and focus on making it uniquely yours.