Using CPG Advertising Trends to Challenge Your Competitors

If your brand sells CPG products, you must find out what the best advertising methods are for these products. The marketing industry is continuously evolving, which can make it difficult for many niche brands to keep up. To stay ahead of your competitors, you should discover the best advertising method for your CPG products right to use now and in the future. 

What is CPG Advertising?

CPG or Consumer Packaged Goods are products that people use every day. These necessities, such as soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, or toilet paper, for instance, are items that consumers are continually buying and restocking. And because they are necessary products for every household, it can be difficult for one brand to stand out and get noticed when 10 to 20 other companies are selling the same type of product.

The CPG industry is one of the largest sectors in the U.S. When you think of well-established brands that offer these items such as Charmin or Tide; you know that they are not going anywhere anytime soon. But at the same time, these brands have to fight for shelf space at your local retailer every time a new and improved product shows up.

What are the Top CPG Advertising Trends? 

Because CPG advertising can be somewhat of a challenge, these brands must learn more about the top advertising trends for CPG products. These marketing strategies and tips have helped many CPG businesses stay relevant over the years.

Buying CPG Products Online 

More than half of all consumers in the U.S. are now buying CPG essentials online. And that number is expected to grow as more online grocery providers emerge. While it’s common for consumers to purchase products such as detergent or carpet cleaner from an online source like Amazon, the idea of buying groceries and having them delivered to your door is a new concept, and it works very well. If your company has the means to sell CPG groceries online, you should take advantage of this popular trend.

E-Commerce is a Strong Competitor for Superstores 

Another reason why CPG brands should focus on their online stores is because e-commerce is an ongoing threat to the big superstores throughout the country. Major retailers such as Wal-Mart are having to fight against the top online stores to keep their customers coming back. Take a look at what other e-commerce giants are doing that is different from offline retailers to get some pointers on how to rise against your competitors.