How to Build The Ultimate Team of Digital Marketers

Running a digital marketing agency can be stressful as huge clients tend to go in different directions if expectations are not set appropriately. Building the right team can make all of the difference as the wrong team with the right systems might see some success but will not truly thrive. Hiring the right group of people depends on the goals of the agency. Some agencies would rather stay smaller and take on a few large campaigns per year. Others want to be able to generate a decent percentage of growth annually. The following are tips to build the ultimate team of digital marketers regardless of the goals a marketing agency has. 

Get an Incredible Writer In-House Then Build a Team of Freelancers 

A digital marketing company might want to offer content creation services at a small, medium, or large scale. A company that is generating thousands of pieces of content per month will need a healthy amount of staff in-house. Another company might need an in-house copywriter and a small team of freelancers. The best writer will also have editing skills at a high rate. Being able to maximize revenue from content creation with only a few in-house employees managing the project can be immensely profitable. Partnering with a huge brand like that of an online retail giant can allow for millions of pieces of content to be created. Product descriptions need to be written along with reviews of specific products being sold. 

Specialized Skills Can Easily Be Marketed

A digital marketing company for law firms can help a firm achieve its goals and can generate decent amounts of revenue. A few employees that have worked on large legal campaigns can allow the agency to market these services. Finding employees that have worked on a variety of campaigns along with time dedicated to professional services is essential. The ability to market for certain businesses allows for larger revenue streams due to larger budgets. The hiring process for versatile employees needs to come with practical tests. A person could claim to be proficient at a certain skill by only has basic knowledge. 

Sales Team

Building the right sales team along with current capabilities in marketing should make for a decent sales funnel to be created. The sales team should be full of different personalities that want to work toward the same goal. There should be a networking guru that always seems to meet the right people. Another person should understand the technical aspects of digital marketing especially when other large agencies are contracting work out. Connections in the digital marketing world are at times more important than the skills a person possesses. With that being said, having a top PPC professional will likely generate quite a bit of business regardless of how well connected the sales team is. The sales team should also be armed with results the team has generated for other clients in the past. 

Web Designers/Developers

The ability to create a website then market it from start to finish appeals to so many business owners around the world. A person could understand their industry when it comes to making money but not how to market the business to get people inside of the door. Web designers and developers that can help with any type of website along with a team of marketers provides ultimate convenience. Working with different people for PPC, content marketing, social media, website management, and other needs can be a nightmare to organize. The web designers hired should have samples of their work and be given a paid test. You do not want to offer a position to a person that has an amazing sample that took them 5 times longer than it should have. 

Building a digital marketing team that an agency can thrive with will depend on the culture you create. A culture of complacency will end up in a high rate of employee turnover which rarely is the recipe for success.