How to Stay in Communication with Your Employees

Have you ever watched an episode of an old sitcom and realized, “None of this would have happened if they had just had cell phones back then!” Luckily, staying in touch is so much easier now.

Good communication is the backbone of a great business. Use the four technologies below to improve your employee communication and reduce missed connections.

1. Google Suite

The tools in Google Suite include Hangouts, Sheets, Docs, and others. They allow employees to text chat with each other on their phones and computers. Employees can also collaborate on Google documents and spreadsheets, leaving comments and suggestions, which others can respond to and use. Google applications are known for being simple to use and search through.

2. Slack

Slack’s tools and features are custom-designed for the workplace. Employees can join online chat channels for different work-related purposes, and channels can either be private or public to other employees. You can use Slack to share work files with employees, check up on an employee’s progress, and create reminders about upcoming deadlines.

3. Automated Calling Service

You can use automated calling, often supplied by a web-based automated calling service, to reach employees when they’re out of the office and not using office email or other technologies. Automated calling can send a voice message to all your employees or a group of them that you select. Send them crucial information about emergencies, office closures, scheduling changes, and more. 

4. Mass Texting Service

With a mass texting service, you can compose a text and select the employees who will receive it or choose to send it to all employees. A web-based service then sends the text for you. Mass texting often works through SMS technology, which creates texts that employees can receive even when they’re not online. 

When you utilize efficient employee communication technologies, you’ll free up your time to focus on the big picture. You’ll be able to use more of your attention on managing employees, training them, and brainstorming how to meet and exceed your business objectives.