Instagram Technology Facebook Bought For Billion Dollars

On April 9, 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for $1 Billion. That moment, people are wondering what made the biggest social media network buy a piece of photo-sharing service for a very huge amount. There are dozens of Instagram technology and hundreds of instances which powers the platform. If you are curious what’s special about them, check them out below.

What is Instagram

Originally, Instagram is a free social networking and photo-sharing service for iPhone which instantly became successful. Its user base quickly expands from 14 Million in just more than a year that surprisingly reaches over 500 Million users today. The service houses hundreds of millions of photos using massive storage to keep them. Isn’t the picture show how successful Instagram is?

Behind that success is a team that has written the canonical description of an early stage startup those times. Instagram utilizes a set of unique technologies and strategies in order to work as a seamless photo sharing service for hundreds of millions of people. And despite the fact that the team is small,  they have experienced incredibly fast growth in the industry of social media. Instagram technology involves the combination of NoSQL and SQL, several open source projects, cloud storage, Amazon services, and more.

The Instagram system includes services showing an API as well as external services that are already available. This way, the team won’t have to exert effort, time, and resources on things that are already up and accessible. In terms of storage, Instagram stores data using in-memory and in the cloud. The codes are also written in a dynamic language.

In addition to that, the team developed custom bits to connect everything together and kept their number small while working fast. This makes Instagram technology very modern since it is constructed in an excellently advanced way.

Instagram Today

From photo-sharing and social network service into a business tool, it is undeniable that Instagram today has been optimized to suit the needs of modern marketers. As a matter of fact, gaining more real likes on Instagram is now the new way of measuring the relevance of a product, service, or brand.

For this reason, brands mostly consider acquiring likes on Instagram with the help of social media service providers. The problem is they often land on the wrong people to ask such help. Some social media providers online utilize bots to deliver instant Instagram likes on their customers. However, there are times when the likes disappear which is the major drawback of using bots.

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