New and Exciting Upcoming Businesses!

Despite the efforts of Covid-19 to shut down start-ups and create an economy impossible for lower grade companies to survive, we have seen a great amount of start-up companies being formed and nurtured during this time. There was even a day chosen in the United States at the beginning of the epidemic designated solely to the support of local companies and start-ups.

Although times are more difficult for small local storefronts, there are a number of new shops where it appears that business is booming. Here I will mention some of the ones to look for:

Blue Raven Solar:

A company that provides Solar based products for both residential and commercial use. Growing in business they are known as some of the best solar providers in Utah and have grown to a work force of over 250 and an annual earned revenue of over 200 million.

Goat Armor:

Focusing on the protective aspect of vehicles, Goat Armor is a new company that designs magnetic “skin” that can be used on the exterior of off-road cars in order to protect the paint from any scratches or damage that could occur while the vehicle is overlanding or on a trail. Once the car is off the trail, the armor can be removed with ease and the vehicle can be washed. Although they are an extremely new company, they seem to be doing alright in these circumstances.

With the increased amount of time that people are finding on their hands because of the epidemic, it only makes sense that they’re investing more in their hobbies that they weren’t previously allowed to endorse so freely.


Growing in reputation and size, this company produces Essential Oils at an incredible rate. Growing in popularity both locally and internationally, they distribute their oils all over the world. For those who are not familiar with Essential Oils, they are a remedy and medicinal substitute that have begun to become popular in recent years. Although the idea may have started out as a fad, they haven’t gone anywhere and have improved the lives of many customers with their healing characteristics.

Although unemployment has been on the rise, and the economy has hit a low, due to unforeseen circumstances engulfing the world, there is still growth seen in individual companies and products. The three listed above are only a few of the hundreds of corporations seeking to bring a new product to the world and change the lives of their users. And we hope they succeed.