Snap Updates its Video Recording Sunglasses

The spy video recording company Snap Inc has not given up on their video recording sunglasses. Called Spectacles, they had a well-publicized debut when first introduced nearly two years ago. But sales never really took off as expected, and talk among tech and finance experts was that the company would have to severely retrench or face obliteration or a hostile takeover bid.

The company is still in a diversifying mode, experimenting with tech hardware in an attempt to move beyond its social media roots. This week Snap began selling their new version of Spectacles online for a reduced price of $150.00. The rebooted models are designed to be more appealing and much easier to use for consumers who are not tech geeks. They come with amazing features and fit just like regular summer Custom Sunglasses.

The new features include being waterproof and better HD video and photography. Short videos are uploaded into user’s smartphones in under two minutes — which is much vaster than in the old version.

The initial batch of Spectacles came out in early 2016 with much hoopla, especially touting the fact that they were to be sold in vending machines located at airport terminals and in upscale convenience stores. But their reception was not at all what the parent company Snap thought it would be, and the company wound up taking a charge against its excess inventory in 2017. Snap manufactured over a million pairs of sunglasses initially, and, according to one insider, they expected to sell several million more in the first ten months of availability. A company spokesperson says that customers purchased around 220 thousand pairs before the rest were pulled from the market.