Phone Solutions for Your Remote Business

The modern world is moving towards entirely remote working at an unprecedented rate, which is a benefit for businesses and for employees. Employees are able to enjoy living where they’d like without commuting, as well as being free to spend more time with their families, and businesses benefit from the increased productivity remote working has been shown to support. 

But as with most progress, it comes with other considerations to take into account – is your remote business prepared? One problem can be working out the best way to communicate with your team when everyone is spread out, so implementing a unified communications strategy with proper phone solutions is of paramount importance.

Unified communications

‘Unified communications’ is the idea that you have one central system where all forms of communication can span out from like a hub – so instant messaging, emailing, team meetings, calendars, phone calls and more are all conducted from this central system. This means it’s all kept in one place and is super easy to use for your team and for you to keep track of. And you don’t have to develop this system yourself – instead, talking to a UCaaS provider can help you get the show on the road.

The benefits of Unified Communications

  1. Cloud-based phones

One of the main benefits of a unified communications system is that you can move over to a cloud-based phone system, which just means that your in-house system you needed to be in the building to use is just on the cloud instead. This means you retain all your call transferring and conference call capabilities without having to tether your team to the office.

  1. Accessing the best talent

The benefits of using a unified remote communications system are even more noticeable if you’re a start-up just looking to hire your first team. Being able to work fully remotely enables you to hire the very best talent regardless of location rather than being tied to the best you can find in the local area. This helps your business realize its full potential and also sets you up to be a flexible, adaptable business in the future. 

  1. Higher retention rates

Businesses with well-designed remote working capabilities boast a higher retention rate due to employee satisfaction, meaning you won’t have to hire again in a few months’ time.

A unified communications system might sound s bit dull, but trust us, it’s a vital part of running a modern business – and it pays you back in terms of efficiency, productivity, and flexibility.